The Demons Within: dangers

    As a DemDrake of life there are some things you cant touch without hurting yourself. For instance metal which is a pain since the metal are everywhere. But it only affects your true form so don't go using it in a metal area.

Danger 1: metal

Due to metal being polluted with anti life products the demdrakes of life can not touch it or they will just become corrupted. But you are allowed to touch it and use it with your human body as it is dead already.

Danger 2: Toxic waste

    Mankind apparently forgot to clean up after them selves. The toxic waste is poisonous to all and it have poisonous fumes so please stay away from it. It has worst affects on demdrakes of life.

Danger 3: Pollution

Of course they is pollution dont be daft. Pollution by most is the most damaging thing against demdrakes of life but they do have a protection. In the form of Life Energy.

Danger 4: Chaos Energy

    Some monsters when they are defeated leave a residual substance called chaos energy. It warps anything it touchs and kills demdrakes of life. It does have a effect on the human body. Also it can be used to make passages to places.

Danger 5: Rift Hole

    Rift Holes are the byproduct of too much Chaos Energy in one area. Monsters spawn out of and their chaos energy allows it to grow bigger and allow bigger monsters through. It is required to be made into a super rift hole to summon the king. By the way it can suck you in due to the fact that you are a demdrake of life.