The Demons Within

This website allows you to follow the progress of the game that the creator is making and find out its contents to see if you want to be one of the few beta testers.
    The Demons Within is a game where you play from the point of view of a DemDrake named Darathax. Now unlike other games you have to share a body with a human due to the unstability of the Demdrake world. But you have the ability to leave the body for a while and strike out on your own to get to places where your human host cant. The gameplay is similar to the darkness but almost everything is done by Darathax.
    Mankind has gone extinct due to endless wars. The Demdrakes has came and decided to help the world back to its previous form of fruitfulness. But due to mankind they opened a rift into the shadow realm which allows monsters to ravage the planet. Due to that the DemDrakes are weakened to the point of having to reside in a humans body.