The Demons Within: Monsters

The Demons contain many monsters. Such as the devious Anarchists or the bloodthirsty Shadow Wraiths. But they all have something in common. They are UGLY! Except the siren of beauty. But then again you don't want to see her mad.

Monster 1: The Anarchist

The anarchist is the most basic unit of the game. Possessed by a minor demdrake. (Note you're a Demdrake of life) These DemDrakes want nothing but chaos and people to die. They also want your head. But they will settle for your soul.

Monster 2: Chaos Fiend

    As common as a Anarchist. Can be found anywhere but their numbers increase when you are close to the King Rift. They barely give off any Chaos Energy when killed.

Monster 3: Shadow Wraiths

    All they are is a bunch of chaos energy put togather. But they are really dangerous and is immune to demdrake attacks so use some weapons against them. Note DO NOT USE WOODEN THINGS!