The Demons Within: Skills

    This page contains skills that are going to be in The Demons Within game There are going to be many. Alot of them are going to make fireworks in the form of blood and explosions and heads rolling.

Skill 1: Dragon claw

Dragon claw is simple you just aim and claw the person. Warning: It may result in flying body parts use with fast speed. Not that body parts hurt you. Unless they are kamikazes. But no worry.

Skill 2: Dragon Form

    The dragon form skill is the most powerful skill of all. It requires enormous amounts of life energy that allow you to ditch your body and be able to live in your true form on earth. It is only activated when you gain enough life energy. (You set energy aside to charge it after you filled up the normal life energy capacity.) You can only use it once and thats when you are fighting the Void King.